vVARDIS: Rheinholz Wooden Toothbrush Set


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    • What it is:Elegant and narrow with precise ergonomics, Rheinholz is engineered to thoroughly clean your teeth without excess pressure and scrubbing that can damage your teeth and gums. Rheinholz combines an inner row of rounded bristles and an outer row of tapered bristles to better clean teeth and remove plaque on surfaces and in between teeth. The whitening set adds a row of soft charcoal bristles that can enhance whitening and help kill germs that cause bad breath. The brush head’s innovative design gently cleans even hard-to-reach areas. A University of Zurich study showed that Rheinholz cleaned tooth surfaces 10 times more effectively and in between teeth 40% more effectively than conventional toothbrushes. Artfully crafted to enhance your oral care ritual, Rheinholz is made from sustainably sourced alpine beechwood. Each toothbrush bears a unique number tracing it to a single tree.
    • What it does:Crafted from sustainably sourced Swiss beechwood. Scientifically designed bristles for optimal cleaning. Engineered to gently clean without irritating sensitive teeth and gums. Swiss-made and sustainable. BPA free.
    • Who it's for:For all ages 6 years and up
  • FSC Certified Beechwood
  • We recommend that you brush your teeth in the morning 30 minutes after eating and again at bedtime. But, of course, you can brush as often as you like. Apply a pea-sized amount of Edelweiss to your Rheinholz toothbrush. Brush your teeth and gums thoroughly for two full minutes.3.Finish by brushing your tongue.