Vanity Planet: Senia-Hot and Cold Smart Facial Steamer

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    • What it is:

      A Facial Steamer that uses Smart Steam Technology to deliver 6 customizable Beauty Modes . 1. Hot Mode 2.Cold Mode 3. Cleansing Mode 4. Hydration Mode 5. Oil Control Mode 6. Alternate Temperature Mode

    • What it does:

      Warm steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse. Opening up your pores also softens blackheads, making them easier to remove. Facial Steaming also promotes circulation. Cold steam helps to close pores and seal in your skincare. It also can help lessen the appearance of your pores.

    • Who it's for:

      Anyone looking for a deep cleanse, pore detox and at home spa experience. Facial Steaming also adds instant hydration to the skin and plumps skin for a glowing complexion.

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  • 1. Pop up Senia's water tank, fill to max line. 2. Plug in Senia 3. Hold the power button to turn on 4. To switch between mode hold hold down the power button and release 5. To shut off long press power button

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Senia-Hot and Cold Smart Facial Steamer

Vanity Planet'sSenia Hot & Cold Smart Facial Steamer has everything you could possibly want from a facial steaming device.