Tangle Teezer: Pet Teezer De-Shedding and Dog Grooming Brush


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    • What it is: This brush de-sheds and detangles your dog's hair.

    • What it does: Using patented two-tier teeth technology, the longer teeth gently remove dirt, reaching down to the undercoat, while shorter teeth pick up loose hair.

    • Who it's for: This brush is made for double-coat breeds who shed seasonally, such as Pomeranians, Shiba Inu and Huskies.
  • Start from the back of your dog and work your way to the front, brushing in the direction of hair growth. Keep your eye out for tangles that need extra attention and gently brush through them using short but fast strokes, holding the knot close to the skin. Patience is key!

    Lift your dog’s leg up and brush downwards on the paws. Hold the top of the tail and brush in a downwards motion. When it’s time to brush your dog’s face and ears, talking to them really helps make a great and easy grooming experience for the both of you.

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