LUV SCRUB: Mesh Body Exfoliator

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    • What it is: LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator is a magical mesh gentle enough for daily exfoliation. You’ll SEE and FEEL the results after each use: smooth, sexy skin. Experts recommend for ingrowns, body acne, dead skin and so much more. The long length makes it easy to reach your back, eliminating the need for other bath tools. The best part? LUV SCRUB lasts up to 18 months. Experience the lavish benefits of exfoliation all over your body and scrub yourself sexy— you deserve it.

    • What it does: The unique texture of the LUV SCRUB will clean and exfoliate your skin like no other. With every use, you will experience the soap effect: watching the soap wash away all of the dirt and dead skin. You will wonder why you did not toss your loofah sooner.

    • Who it's for: Exfoliation is key— and LUV SCRUB is for anyone who wants to feel clean and smooth. Gentle enough for daily use, LUV SCRUB can buff your skin into a smooth canvas with every single shower. However, LUV SCRUB is not recommended for those with sensitive skin conditions. Experts say the mesh is perfect for preventing ingrowns, body acne, pre and post hair removal and revealing all around smooth, sexy skin. We’re called Smooth Operators for a reason.
  • 100% Nylon

  • We LUV to keep things simple. Wet your LUV SCRUB, add a drop of your favorite body wash or soap and experience the lather for days. Ball it up and massage your entire body. Unravel and lengthen to reach your back and the rest of those hard-to-reach places, and wave goodbye to the dirt and dead skin. To clean, rinse and hang to dry.