Vanity Planet: LEDA Red- Anti-Aging LED Sonic Facial Brush

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    • What it is:

      Power up your cleansing routine with the anti-aging benefits from LED red-light therapy. The safe and effective LEDA Red Anti Aging LED Sonic Facial Brush cleanses using soft, silicone bristles while improving skin’s appearance and building collagen using LED light.

    • What it does:

      Leda Red cleanses skin with the power of sonic vibrations and gentle silicone bristles, combined with FDA Cleared Red Light Therapy. Now you can treat fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone at the same time as you cleanse your skin! Leda can also be used with its massage head attachment for a a daily FDA Cleared Red Light Anti-Aging Treatment.

    • Who it's for:

      Anyone looking for a facial cleansing device and anti-aging devices. This is a multitasking tool cutting out time of your skincare routine. You can now cleanse and use red light therapy at the same time.

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