Surratt: Relevee Lash Curler

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    • What it is: The award-winning Relevee Lash Curler gently shapes and lengthens your lashes.

    • What it does: The Relevee Lash Curler's high-tech ergonomic Japanese design and bouncy silicone pads require you to use less force when curling—with no breakage or pinching.

    • Who it's for: The Relevee Lash Curler's unique shape makes it a universally effective tool for all eye shapes and lash lengths.
  • Curler: steel (nickel-free); Pads: silicone

  • Place the curler as close to your lash line as comfortably possible and give it a gentle squeeze. Then place it slightly further out and give it another gentle squeeze. And finally, place it slightly further out, giving it one last gentle squeeze.

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