Mixhers: Herlove Libido Booster


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    • What it is:

      Herlove is a drink mix that helps to naturally relieve stress, support sex-drive hormones, and increase sensitivity and sensation.

    • What it does:

      Herlove helps increase the blood flow to intimate areas to increase sensitivity and has ingredients to help naturally increase libido.

    • Who it's for:

      One third of women have low sex drive. It is not just in your head! Herlove is for you! No more of the excuse that men just have a higher sex drive than women.

  • Beet Root Powder Insoitol Hexanicotinate Maca Root Powder Fenugreek Seed Powder Pomegranate Extract

  • Mix in 12-16 oz of water and drink daily for best results. Pro-tip: mix with other Mixhers products to make your own mocktail.

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