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    • What it is: EXTRACT is the cornerstone of Harklinikken’s hair care regimen, counteracting hair thinning with powerful, naturally derived constituents. Comprising extracts from plants and cow’s milk that have been combined in an exclusive three-step fermentation process, each bottle is hand-blended and customised to individual requirements for optimal results.
  • Each Extract is hand-blended and customized to individual requirements.

  • Shake well before inserting the tip of the syringe into the hole, turning the bottle upside down and withdrawing the prescribed amount of Extract. Part hair from hairline to crown and drag the syringe along the line in rows approx. one cm apart, evenly applying Extract to the scalp. Repeat in rows of approximately one centimetre in width until you have covered a baseball cap sized area of your scalp with Extract. Massage gently but firmly into the scalp for 30-45 seconds. Use only on completely dry scalp. Leave the Extract on the scalp for at least 8 hours before washing.