Neen: Card Subscription + Neen Slide Eye Liner ($18 value)


Note: We can only ship to addresses in Manhattan, NY

    • What it is:

      THE FIRST EVER MAKEUP SUBSCRIPTION CARD! Each month you get a card with 5 new looks and 5 peel-back makeup swatches. Pick a look, scan the QR code, and use the easy-to-follow tutorial to try it out.

      March Promo 

    • What it does:

      A new way for you to experiment with makeup and learn new looks. Try natural, or glam, or edgy, depending on your mood. Have fun, and get to discover products you really love before committing to a full-size.

  • *Download the app 

    *Scan the QR code of the look you want to try and open the easy-to-follow tutorial 

    *Use split-screen to record yourself or take a selfie while watching a tutorial. 

    *Use voice commands to pause, go forward, or go back—no need to put your brush down. 

    *In addition to the app, you can also find our tutorials on  or our YouTube channel.

    *Peel back the makeup swatches to access the makeup you need for the look.

    *Have fun!

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