July Roundup: "It's Time To Feel Pretty Again"

Woah. What a month it’s been over here at the Allure Store. We closed out July on a great note with some truly memorable events. We had Janell Stephens, the founder of Camille Rose, start a day with a meet and greet and end it by filling the store with red roses, vegan crab cakes and tequila.

Adoring fans made lines around the corner to meet Live Tinted Founder + CEO, Deepica Mutyala, who took the time to hug literally every guest. Beauty Influencer @ehlieluna compared her in-store experience to “being at Nobu downtown, but the pink glam version” and had a blast at our smart mirrors. Michelle Pfeiffer showed some love to her perfume brand Henry Rose, who has four scents in store. Beautystat Founder and legendary beauty chemist Ron Robinson dropped in to offer a master class on Vitamin C. Batsheva Haart came out and delivered a killer tutorial on how to use the store ahead of her Netlflix debut. Diptyque’s Director of Marketing Eduardo Valadez took us on a scent journey.

Naturally Drenched's Founder + CEO Jamila Powell brought through Urban Dessert Lab and sweet-toothed the entire store (thank you for that).

SUSTEAU brought back what it means to pop up in New York City with a packed event featuring custom accessorizing of their iconic blue combs, vintage scarves and a cute embroidery station. Esker founder, Shannon Davenport, came in to show Soho how to properly exfoliate (thank you), leaving us all silky smooth and ordering her new body oil (which we don’t even carry, yet).

CND turned the store (and sidewalk) into a posh salon giving out manicures and expert nail advice. In the middle of it all, we had Sex and the City’s location scout pop in… so who knows, maybe SJP will be getting her nails done in CND Vinylux next. 

On the influencer front, @BustleBeauty paid us a visit and gave a super helpful store walk through in their Instagram reels. We also had @MelissadVale come by and make some great content (a lot of you were tagged!).

Back in events land, the lovely Farmaesthetics team was driving down from Newport to turn the store into a spa for the night, giving facials to their lucky guests while bringing us into clean-skin zen-mode (is that a thing? It is now). Celebrity MUA and Beauty Entrepreneur Danessa Myricks gave a gangbusters Masterclass using her namesake collection which has also been a hit in-store. John Masters stepped up the outdoor activation game with... well… a game -- a spinning wheel stopping people in their tracks and inspiring them to go clean the John Masters way.

BeautyMatter gave a shoutout in their Allure Store feature to some of our brands in store including: BeautyStat, Uhai, Danessa Myricks, Live Tinted, Emilie Heathe, Neutrogena, La Roche-Posay, Dermalogica, and Bobbi Brown. Oh but there’s also Curology: where to begin? They turned the store into the most beautiful little cafe, welcoming special VIPs with gift bags and fresh coffee to start the day (come back please?). Dyson also came in HOT--they had some of the best hair stylists in the city using some of the best hair tools in the world to get Allure Store customers ready for their Saturday night plans. Elemis enlivened the Lafayette/Broome corner with a lovely floral display showcasing their latest products while giving out free samples and ice pops. It’s been hot…. imagine the line for the ice pops. 

One huge takeaway here has been that customers and the neighborhood have really been responding to the outdoor activations. We’re looking forward to August and seeing a lot of you bringing brand moments to our patch of Soho sidewalks. In the meantime, we hope some of you are sneaking in those PTO days. As USA Today put it best, “It’s Time To Feel Pretty again,” and this month really proved it.

Total Traffic In: 9348

Average Visit Duration: 21m 49s

Outdoor Foot Traffic Capture Rate: 16.4%

Impressions From Influencer Partners: 14,466,260

UVM / Circulation / Viewership: 9,100,879

Average Zone Dwell Time: 48s

#1 Selling Product (Units): 62

Total Units Sold: 1906

Average Store Order Value: $72.65